Graduate Students and Postdocs

Alex Shleyfman (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Title: "Capacity Planning and Scheduling in Cloud Services"
Projected completion: October 2021. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Gael Bernard (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Title: "Cutting Customer Journeys for Process Mining"
Projected start: October 2020. Co-supervised with Periklis Andritsos.

Rohith Sothilingam (MI Thesis)

Title: On "Towards Higher Maturity for Machine Learning: A Conceptual Modelling Approach"
Completion date: TBD. Second reader.

Luke Cui (MASc Thesis)

Title: "Modeling and Learning Workload Models in Cloud Applications"
Completion date: August 2020. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Kunlong Li (MEng Thesis)

Title: "Solving Petri net Reachability Problems with Heuristic Search"
Projected completion: December 2018. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Yossi Dahar (MSc Thesis)

Title: "Fusion-Based Process Discovery"
Completion date: August 2018. Co-supervised with Avigdor Gal.



BL 708
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
140 St. George Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G6

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