My research aims at developing data-driven methodologies for modeling, analyzing and improving business processes, especially, in congested systems. The application domains for my methods are coming mainly from the service sector, namely, public transportation, contact centers, and hospitals.
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Graduate Students and Postdocs

Alex Shleyfman (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Title: "Capacity Planning and Scheduling in Cloud Services"
Projected completion: October 2021. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Gael Bernard (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Title: "Cutting Customer Journeys for Process Mining"
Projected start: October 2020. Co-supervised with Periklis Andritsos.

Rohith Sothilingam (MI Thesis)

Title: On "Towards Higher Maturity for Machine Learning: A Conceptual Modelling Approach"
Completion date: TBD. Second reader.

Luke Cui (MASc Thesis)

Title: "Modeling and Learning Workload Models in Cloud Applications"
Completion date: August 2020. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Kunlong Li (MEng Thesis)

Title: "Solving Petri net Reachability Problems with Heuristic Search"
Projected completion: December 2018. Co-supervised with J. Christopher Beck.

Yossi Dahar (MSc Thesis)

Title: "Fusion-Based Process Discovery"
Completion date: August 2018. Co-supervised with Avigdor Gal.



BL 708
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
140 St. George Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G6

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